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Had a day out from Skegness yesterday with a couple of mates. We started off near the towers drifting for Mackeral but it was hard going with the water being cloudy because of the tides the last week. After a couple of hours we hard about 30 mostly a pound plus. We then decided to anchor up for a bit and do some uptiding. Just out of interest we put a small flapper on a wire trace. About an hour later the rod bent over and line started to run off the spool. After a really good scrap this appeared. Human Vertebrate Recreation Fishing Fish

We were all shocked when we weighed it at 38Lb and needless to say over joyed as it was my first tope. We stayed in the same spot till slack water but there was nothing else so we moved to a mark just off the pier. The uptide rods went out again and after 5 minutes we were into our first roker. This remained productive for the next 90mins or so till we came in catching about 12 smuts to 6lb and about 12 roker to 4.5lb. The mates that we on the boat had never caught these so they were well chuffed. A very enjoyable day through and through.

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hi gregmph.

congrats on your first, they say you always remember your first time !
this is a situation that, in years to come, you will not be denying your first time!!!!!!!!! :kissing:

I had my first last tuesday ( 35lb ) :yahoo:.

did you go from skegg towards the wind farm?
that is the area we fished, but we came to it from wells.

did you hire the boat if so who did you use?

sounds like you all had a great session.

well done!!!!


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Wow mate! What a fine specimen and top report!

Sounds like you had a fantastic session and plenty of fresh mackie for the table too!



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Hi FmanF
Its was my own boat im afraid, but i think there is a charter boat that goes from Boston. Yep it was south of the wind farm, just out of interest you wernt on a charter boat a couple of fridays ago were you?

Thanks all
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