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Had myself a wonderful day yesterday, went to watch my first ever surfcasting competition at Crack Hill near Cowbridge, it turned out to be the 4th qualifying casting event run by the "Surfcast Wales" lads. A very warm welcome was extended to me and my 13year old daughter especially from Mr. Gareth Davies who i believe to be the club secretary.
First cast off was at approx 9.00am and the whole competiton was due to run until 5.00pm. The distance that these lads acheive is absolutely phenomonal, many casts in excess of 250m, the weather was warm with little or no wind which is apparently a disadvantage for the casters but good from a spectators viewpoint. What amazed me was the wide spectrum of age groups participating, ranging from 12-13year olds to what can only be described as more mature adults.
Due to circumstances i won't bore you with, i've been unable to get out and do a lot of fishing since Jan. this year, so yesterday was a real high for me and its a day out i would recommend to anyone.
Interesting to see mainly Zziplex rods along with the odd RT Axellerator (which is highly regarded by many,) however all the reels being used were of the the older mag1,11, or 111 or converted Abus.
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