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Hello ,

My name is Bas , I'm from the Netherlands. A relative of mine lives in cancun, so I'm once or twice a year in Cancun. I want to do some surf spinning there, with poppers en lures. ( x-rap , roosta poppers etc...) I already bought a rod. The shimano yasei stc monster 3.15m. But now I'm looking for a nice reel. I feew reels would be nice:

  1. Penn conflict 5000/6000 ? 8000 is way to big?
  3. Penn spin fisher v LC
And I really don't know which breaded / fused fishing line i should use. I was thinking about a .25 ? ( don't what kind of measuring u use? )

And does anyone has any tips or did some shore fishing in mexico. I already fished the mangroves and it was really nice!!
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