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As you will all know, the worst part of the sea fishing season is now behind us. I propose a comp between the 3 counties, all have their strengths and weaknesses. The rules are; you must represent the county you live in, though you can travel to any one of the 3 counties to catch your fish. Fish from any other counties than those mentioned will not count. Only Sussex, Hampshire & Dorset caught fish will count. The comp starts 9th April 2014 & ends at midnight 31st December 2014.

The Species eligible:

Bass Cod Plaice Flounder Turbot Brill Sole Dab Blonde Ray Undulate Ray Thornback Ray Small Eyed Ray Spotted Ray Stingray Bull Huss Tope Common Smoothound Starry Smoothound Spurdog Conger Eel Common Eel Pouting
PoorcodLSD 3BD Rockling 5BD Rockling Shore Rockling Black Bream Guilthead Bream Red Bream Golden Grey Mullet Thick Lipped Mullet Thin Lipped Mullet Red Mullet Pollack Triggerfish Whiting Ballan Wrasse Cuckoo Wrasse Corkwing Wrasse Sea Trout Red Gurnard Tub Gurnard Grey Gurnard

*I haven't included micro-species. I will add larger species that are extremely rare, though not on the list.

Important: All fish must also be captured from the shore, boat caught not eligible. Please note, you need to print off an A4 sheet of paper with "WSF2014 Species" printed on it (so we know the fish is 2014 caught). This sheet of paper must be in the photograph with any fish you wish to submit. The heaviest fish holds that category. We will list the anglers name, weight of fish and which county they represent, we will also list a table noting how many species each of the 3 participating counties holds. In any event two anglers catch a fish of the same species and same weight, the first angler to have the fish retains the record, only a bigger fish will replace it.

Sussex : 0
Hampshire : 0
Dorset : 2

Leaders in species:

Turbot: Chris Kennedy - Dorset - 0lbs 9oz
Blonde Ray:
Undulate Ray:
Thornback Ray:
Small Eyed Ray:
Spotted Ray:
Bull Huss:
Common Smoothound:
Starry Smoothound:
Conger Eel:
Common Eel:
3BD Rockling:
5BD Rockling:
Shore Rockling: Chris Kennedy - Dorset - 0lbs 4oz's
Black Bream:
Guilthead Bream:
Red Bream:
Golden Grey Mullet:
Thick Lipped Mullet:
Thin Lipped Mullet:
Red Mullet:
Ballan Wrasse:
Cuckoo Wrasse:
Corkwing Wrasse:
Sea Trout:
Red Gurnard:
Tub Gurnard:
Grey Gurnard:

I think Hampshire has the best anglers in general, Sussex has the best Bass fishermen, yet Dorset has a great range of species available. Let the banter and bragging rights commence, all species have vacant record waiting to be filled, lets get fishing ;)

(remember a pic with "WSF2014 Species" on a piece of paper must be included and posted on this thread, Good luck all).

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I think you should add somerset lol ;)

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My loyalties are in question here as i have fished for a few years in dorset with chris i now find myself standing with the hampshire lot ...

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I spend most of my life wondering where i am let alone where i`m fishing so i`m open to offers......Alan

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I'll play! I'm going to print out one of those fancy labels and tuck it away in my tackle bag so I don't have to knock anything on the head if I do happen to get lucky.

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No prizes, only prestige. Suspect pics will be scrutinized. Should be a bit of a laugh. My first session tomorrow.
Im sure it will be a good laugh..Maybe a Wiltshire/Berkshire/Oxfordshire tripple against the three already mentioned......That would be an ass whipping if i could ever visualise one!!:)
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