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can anybody help? last week went out as i left the no wake zone i cranked it up but found it lacked power 4000rpm max it had a good tell tale and the fuel new. i stopped the engine and used the aux tried the engine later as always it started flick of the key but had a slight rattle. after a ccomp test 1 2 and fpur showed 95psi no 3 zero did a complete strip down monday and found no3 piston had picked up but was unmarked on top the other three are untouched the stat was a bit cruddy but appears to function my mate who races bikes thinks oil starvation, could this be the injector? the bre has honed up okay and with a new piston will go again but i need to find the cause i willalso be fitting a new stat the impeller has done 30 hours but is 2 years old i would be gratfull for any advice
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