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Hi All,

I have just bought a Suzuki DT30 - 1986 model.

The motor is set-up for forward control, but didn't come with the forward controls.

There are seven wires in the connector to the forward controls.
They are


When the motor is connected to the battery, none of these wires has more than 1 volt.

From what I know of engines, one should be a "Live" wire - with 12 volts.
Another should go to the engine, and a third should go to the starter.
So if I connect the engine wire to the live wire, then tap the starter wire to the live wire, the motor should start (basic hot-wiring)!

How do I do this?
And what are the other wires for?

I got the following from another forum, but can't understand it.

black = ground
brown= start thru neutral safety switchIs this the Starter motor wire? Does it only activate the Starter when the motor is in Neutral?
white = battery to key switch Is this the LIVE wire?
green= stop, continuity to ground with key off, should be a green and black on emergency stop switch. Will the engine run when this wire is NOT grounded?
grey = hot with ignition on Is this the engine run wire?
Blue coming out of the motor feeds alarm buzzer

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That all seems about right wiring colour code wise and where they go.


If your not getting your feed voltage then check the voltage at your starter solenoid. The main fuse is often to the side of this so give that a check as it can often be blown by people trying to figure out wiring problems.

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