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Been through this one very often, & from the shore for whiting etc, it seems to make little difference, but it does seem to affect fish in deeper water, :huh: Even the trawlers and gill-netters (spit) find it tough in an easterly (hooray) :D
I actually had my best catch of cod out of Swansea on a N.E. wind, had to shelter under the pier in the morning during the flood (wind over tide) but at low water it went fishable, & as it ebbed (wind with tide) it was very comfortable. My brother & I boated 11 cod over 10lb, & in the last 20 mins before we had to go in, we had 76lb of Cod, 28, 26, 16, 6, never done it since :angry:
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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