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Swansea foreshore 14/10/2012

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Hi Gents
After a fortnight on hols I continued my quest for a 2 lb sole. Started fishing today at 1.30 pm, about 200 yards right of the steps in front of the County hall. Conditions where not ideal, bright sunshine with a few clouds, wind was north westerly about 10 miles an hour. The surf, lol was about 2 or 3 inches, with the water colour a light brown though this became more clearer as the tide, cleared the mud and washed up the slope.The air pressure was steady around 1008 MB .

I tackled up two bass rods one capable of hitting a little further than a standard bas rod. The BZE was rigged with a loop rig on the snoods with two size 2 aberdeen's propelled seaward with a 4 oz lead. The second was a two hook flapper, same size two hooks and a 3 oz lead. I decided to cast a little further than I would normally due to the bright conditions and the lack of water movement close in, the BZE Fished 80 -90 yards and the second rod arond the 60 yard mark. I was a bit concerned when I landed my first dogfish on the second cast in such shallow water, and my fears were to be proved right as the session progressed. A flounder and a schoolie were the next to make the trip to my feet, both in quick succession. The first hour set the mood for the rest of the session with plenty of fish comming a shore all fortunately for them were to be returned.
The final tally was
9 dogfish
6 scoolies
1 flounder
An enjoyable afternoon:clap2:, even if nothing ended up in my freezer lol, unfortunately not a sine of a sole never mind a 2 pounder but I am not giving up yet I can see them being around till at least the first of the hard frosts.
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Still a few on aberavon, Morfa and pink. If it's calm this weekend i will be after them but if the surf is up bassin it is for me.
unlucky on the sole. but at least you had a busy session

Nice sess mate.....plenty of fish there.
nice report Swansea Jack.....them dogs will be wanting walkies on the beach if they come in any closer.
well done on the schoolies and flounder. :thumbs:
Nice one Brian at your age you should be
glad you can still walk to the beach.
Sounds like a busy afternoon matey
better a few dogs than a blank any day
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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