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<font color='#000000'>Well, I think not too many people would disagree that this was, collectively as a club, one of the poorest trips for catches that we have had. Felt a bit sorry for the skipper as he was obviously trying his hardest to find the fish, but for some reason they just didn&#39;t want to know.

We had &#39;some&#39; success, Peggy caught what most people reckoned was the biggest Red Gurnard they had ever seen, which weighed in at 2 1/2 pounds, and he had the only Black Bream of the day which was a nice fish. &#39;Rob the Cod&#39; is now also known as &#39;Rob the Bull Huss&#39; after he caught a nice 10 pounder.

Over the day we searched for Bass - no luck, Tope - no luck but loads of flippin Dog Fish, Black Bream - one on the whole boat, Mackerel - limited success when we were catching the joeys for bait, a couple of decent size, but even they seemed to have disappeared later in the day.

Anyone have any idea why the fish weren&#39;t feeding? Let&#39;s just hope it&#39;s better next weekend. &nbsp;
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