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hi the last time i went there [the docks] i could fish it but i was told today that the ports hav stopped you fishing the mark even if you do not park on their property anybody been there lately?that used to be a cracking mark last time i fished it why spoil things eh?

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A.B.P. (you can guess what the P stands for) considered that security was being breached by the presence of anglers, which is ridiculous, we all know who does the thieving on the docks, & it aint the visitors :angry:
At one time they blamed the presence of the Cork Ferry & the danger of I.R.A. arms being brought in (another load of crap) :angry: Perhaps they think that Osama Bin Laden is going to fly a 747 into one of the cranes :(
Basically they have never wanted anglers on the foreshore & have used every excuse in the book for excluding them, they stopped night fishing because they said that Tilley lamps & torches were confusing the shipping entering port, another load of crap :angry: They have so much electronic gear on board nowadays they dont even look out of the window to see where they are :angry:
They had a few cars burnt out at night down there, & they went OTT as usual, it seems that the pilfering was the main reason, & I dont expect them to change their minds when they find out that hasn't stopped :angry:
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