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Fished swansea west pier today with David, Dean and Deans son [Both David and Dean are managers where i work.] After a trip on friday to mainwarings on fridays costing me £75 on bits on bobs for my trip carping down in devon at the beginning of may i was eager to try out my new poleroid sun glasses, id nipped down to the pier to test them out and watched the seal darting around near the barage. After seeing that they work pretty well i was eager to test them out during a proper fishing session.

David has been asked me if i want to go fishing on sunday and its not like me to say no to a oppitunity to wet a line! So we arranged to meet at rogers at 7:30am after picking up our bait we walked around 50 yards from the beach entrance to the pier and began fishing, it was around 20 mins before i had my first whiting while i was setting up my hair net filled with bread, mackerel and bits of rag to dangle over the side in hope of picking up a mullet or 2. the day continued with me picking up whiting steadly through out the day, i told david to fish a little closer in, first cast within 2 miniutes of the lead hitting the deck the whiting were over it, he began catching.

30mins after high tide i had a weird knock, i left it untill the next rattle came, as i struck i could tell i hooked something a little different, felt like it had a lot more weight than a little pin whiting, up came a lovely flounder! I was over the moon, was only around 1.5lb in weight but it was my first ever flat fish from the west pier, the greedy blighter had swallowed both my hooks on a 2 hook flapper right down, so i cut the hooks and sent him on his merry way.

The mullet never did show :(

So tallys:
Me- 10+ whiting, 1 flounder.
David- 7 whiting.
Dean- 3 Whiting
Deans son - 1 whiting.

Mud rag tipped with mackerel was the most consistant, closely followed by plain mackerel.

hows you keeping my friend good fishing mate but i knows you itching to get your hands on the mullet.ill ask my brother-in-law to tell me when they are in swansea marina in numbers as he works there and ill let you know mate:)
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