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Tenryu - The Red Ultimate One

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I was wondering if anyone on here is using one these rods??
Any chance of some feed back??
PM me if it is easier,
Cheers Tunny
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Trying to decide myself between the Tenryu - Red Dragon Express and the Red Ultimate one, if anyone as used both I would appreciate any advice.

Hmm tough question - I wish I had plumped for the red dragon express as the ultimate one is a tad light for what I now need it for (as I have the SM 270 also) as it gets seconded as a tropic rod too now ...

What sort of fishing do you do and what type of lures?

The ultimate one is a great all round rod for the majority of UK hard plug fishing - awesome for topwater and minnows BUT if you use bigger plugs (30gms plus) in big swells and rough weather the ultimate one is a tad underpowered imho ...
Thanks for the quick response, Shore mainly rocky out crops, and mainly sub surface lures around 18.5g. occasionally surface although this is an area I would like to get into.
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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