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Thank You Penn

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A Little story.
In about 1963 I bought my first multiplier a bright shiny new Penn Delmar, to be used for all types of sea fishing, not strictly a beach reel but OK for boat, beach and pier. I used this reel for 4 or so years happily but when giving it a good clean and service I dropped the side plate and it ended up in two neat parts. Being a bit handy I set about it with Araldite and the mend lasted a few years (30 odd), even landing my best 22lb cod. I have been using this reel on and off up to the present day. Reading a thread on Saturday about the Penn Commander reels, I had this crazy idea and immediately PM'd David Caulfield and asked him what I thought was a stupid question, namely, can you sell me a new side plate for my 44 year old reel. Expecting to hear the laughter all the way from Scotland, I was surprised to get a reply saying "Not a problem Ring up on Monday", Which I did. The brand new side plate arrived today and now my reel is back whole again after nearly forty years and is working as good as it did on the first day out of the shop.

I don't think you can knock service and quality like that and I would like to thank David and his very pleasant staff for their great and amazing service. :notworthy :notworthy :notworthy :clap3: :clap3:
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There's no doubt that Penn merit good reputation that they have. I don't know of any other manufacturer who is so proactive when it comes to customer service.
wicked :)
Penn= just goes to show good customer relations= and the tackle= in my opion it cant be faulted, just goes on for ever
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