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Just returned from enjoying a pleasant fortnight in south west cornwall. Ok the weather could have been better :cc_surren, but we managed a few fish. It's a fantastic place to fish which keeps drawing me back, and you local boys don't know how lucky you are!

Just really wanted to say a quick thank you to the 'Boys at Newtown', who operate the tackle shop near Praa Sands. Chris and Matt have looked after me for years on my visits with everything from consistently supplying quality bait at very fair prices, ordering spares for reels, to supplying the odd new items of kit I've wanted over the years. You always know when you deal with these guys that you are getting honest straightforward advice and no bull. It's refreshing to see how they try to look after everyone from the complete novice holidaymaker to the seasoned angler. It is rare these days to find a shop that is prepared to really go the extra mile for its customers, which is why I'm publicly posting this.

In short if you're going on holiday to this area and need advice these are the guys to speak to in my opinion. I have no connection with Chris or Matt other than being a very satisfied customer over the years.

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