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Why do you fish? If it's to catch lots of fish then use whatever seems logical. i.e. If the fish are shoaling and in a feeding frenzy (mackie/bass chasing baitfish, then you will catch if you cast bait to them, but if you want lots and quickly then you use feathers or a lure! If you are suffering a blank session when everything is still on the fish front then you experiment with:
  • bait/lure
  • hooksize
  • depth etc.
Having a 'lure' rod setup is good sense particularly when it's warmer and lures seem to be catching regularly (mind you a 8lb Bass was caught on a spinner at Rhosneigr a couple of Februaries ago!) Someone asked about where to go plugging in the Straits just last week. There are places which work best (more likely?) with lures at certain times of tide and time but by the same token they work 'best' when fished with bait on a flaot!

Now if its ENJOYMENT you want use a flyrod!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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