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The Caves , Loch Long , 08/09/09

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Well I braved the wind and rain and headed to the caves for some fishing this morning.

Headed up early and had my rod in the water for just before 10

Started with Ragworm and almost on my first cast caught a nice Pollack

Fish Fin Marine biology Fish Salmon-like fish

I thought that I was in for a right good days fishing but then surprise surprise , Sammy Seal makes an appearance and swims about 50 feet from where I was fishing for about the next hour !!.

Had no more luck on the rag so tried some spinning but not so much as a nibble

Switched a bit of float fishing with some maddies and had a few strong bites but no takes !

All in all a decent day , weather really wasn't that bad , its quite sheltered on the rocks at the caves so I think I missed the brunt of it.

Someone really should shoot that bloody seal though !!!!
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good we report there, shame about the sport and weather..bloooody seals. can i just ask how and where to get to the caves?
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