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we were having a guest fisherman with us today mph1954 boss was over from germany on buisness and wanted to fish with us so decided to hit the deeps plans were made to meet the valley_boyo and the blackcat there they were getting there for 7am and we were getting there for 8am ish but alas our german friend needed a english breakfast and who was we to say no!! so finally arriaved at 9am for the walk down a few anglers there, a gorgous day down to the t-shirts the valley_boyo had managed a whiting and a pouting and a few doggies had been caught further along. First cast for our german friend and nice knock a nice size doggie to the surface and fell off, his second cast a nice doggie about the 2lb mark landed a quick photo and returned and he was happy the blackcat was not after nearly 4 hours with out a bite he told out german friend if he catches another he's going for a swim a great day had by all. The Rhondda valley sac were fishing there a 1 of them landed a 5lb 3oz cod a pleasent suprise.


mph1954 doggie
Jurgseman doggie
valley_boyo doggie,whiting,pouting
blackcat whiting
wilba :schmoll: :schmoll: :schmoll:
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