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The Dip, Felixstowe 08/01/2023

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Myself and @Eastcoast 6034 wanted to fish today and decided to try and find some shelter from the strong winds and headed to the Dip at Felixstowe arriving at about 0900hrs. Despite the weather forecast giving south-westerly winds on arrival the winds were blowing more southerly and the waves were building with the tide.

As we were there and raring to go we pressed on and set up on the beach. With a big high tide expected at 1230hrs we avoided the groynes and set up in front of the Heritage Beach Huts, hoping that the wind would go west and we would gain more shelter. The first challenge was to set up our shelters, no easy task given the wind speed, thankfully neither of us ended up “kite-surfing” to Bawdsey!

Fishing a variety of rigs and using frozen black lug, squid and fish baits we made our first casts and watched the waves getter bigger! The wind continued to blow and annoyingly it swung more east at times. This meant casting into the wind which cut our distances down.

Despite the elements, the first fish came in the form of tings. I managed several double-shots on the Bomber rig but all were very small. Some more tings came to both of us on squid/lug pennel rigs but despite being longer they were really skinny fish. @Eastcoast 6034 managed to add some variety in the form of a Rockling.

As the sun was out most of Felixstowe and their dogs were on the beach too. As such, a lot of time was spent fending dogs away and pointing out our lines to the walkers! However, it was also good to catch up on some local fishing news from passers by including news of Thornbacks being caught at Manor End and Landguard the previous week. Nothing large but rays none the less!

A few more tings appeared but again all small. Then I managed to miss a very powerful pull down bite on a whole squid/lug bait, perhaps a codling, ray or a bass but I didn’t connect so I’ll never know!

With high tide the wind turned more south-east and increased and fishing became a real effort. As such we both decided to call it a day and head back to our cars.
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Nice to hear about some local rays, and food for thought for planning the next trip!
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Cracking Rockling that. I know most peeps don't go much on them but I really like them. 👍
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