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The Green - Menai Straights

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Finally found it in the dark - worked out I should have took the turn into what looked like a car park for a shop!

just 2 hours of fishing as tide went out but managed a 9 - 10 inch wrasse and a couple of bites as well.

Tomorrow should be better as I have managed to see where the kelp is now.

Tony B.
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hi tony
if you are talking about the green by menai bridge, there have been some congers taken to 10 lbs, in that area so a big bait may be worth a try,some codling to 5lbs also about.
good luck with your fishing
Sounds as if it might be the flat area of grass to the East of the Suspension bridge (Quay built as a mooring place for boats building the bridge - welsh called Cei Bont). But don't understand 'the entry to a car park' bit?? Perhaps the gate's gone - usually park directly UNDER the bridge.
Too much current for me on the ebb until last two hours but by then you can go down (steps left) onto shore. Fish down on the shore 25yds the left at low water. Or go further left and fish down the end of an old weed covered slipway - deepish water between a little island (Half-tide Rock) and the shore - spin or floatfish. Good luck!

Oh and its the Menai Straits not straights, by the way (narrow stretch of water between two lots of land?!)
Try trotting some thumb-nail sized bits of skin-on fish or squid, on light float gear, along the wall side at the green. I had pollack to a pound, small wrasse and scorpions there last year. I must go back soon, I think.
For the fish baits mentioned I use snipped up bits of belly flap from salmon, large trout and kipper. Thick chunks of salmon can be deskinned leaving 1/4" of flesh on the skin. It takes some effort to get a small hook through but it sure stays on there.
It's great fun on a light parabolic rod or a carp feeder rod. Don't forget a landing net and that set of steps was made for landing fish.
Great post re: fishing very light 'down the side'! Never thought of doing it but what a good way of catching mini-species! Must try it next time i've got an hour or two and the tide's up! Beware crabs though! Thanks for the tip.
I find the H W slack and the ebb, flowing left to right, the most productive, Swelleyman. Just fiddle about with the depth until you find them and keep a low profile. The crabs just don't bother when the rig's moving at speed. You can walk along the wall top to keep in touch with the gear better, too. There's a nice long glide to trot along from end to end.
I am sure I must have read somewhere that it was called the Green, but yes right next to the Menai Bridge on Anglesey side or the STRAITS. Sorry.

Last two mornings fished in the shelter of the little hollowed out bit - no luck. But thank you to whoever cleaned up the rubbish someone else had left. Had no spare carrier bags 1st morning - this morning went armed with carrier bags and someone beat me to it.

Tony B.
Yes it is called The Green locally. Well done on giving it a go, can be a nice little mark, tide the only real problem.
Not always anglers leaving rubbish, often the local chavs having beer and food on the table, and making life hassle for the old couple that live in the house overlooking the green.
fished there a fair bit a (my dad lived on cambria road for a while) , not the most productive mark, but i recall having the odd decent coddling and surprisingly pollock
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