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Hi all, into the second week of my hols now and will soon be on my way home.
Since my last report we have been on a quad bike excursion which is something I would never recommend to anyone to try without thoroughly checking out the outfit that runs it.
Ours was run by Wild ATV Tours of Puerto Vallarta and was a shambles. Apart from my wife and I on a double bike there were four young Americans between 22 and 28 and another US couple of about our age also on a double. We set off on what were a very poor excuse for roads most just being very dusty tracks through the local villages. On one of these there was a water pipeline being laid in 8 foot deep trenches about 4 ft wide. The ‘road’ alongside it was very slippery with the loose dust along with deep ruts hidden beneath it. One of the young Americans ended up getting stuck in one of the ruts and careering into the trench at over 20 mph. His bike ended up wedged against the walls at an angle, he was covered in cuts and scrapes and very lucky to have got out alive. After about an hour our guide came back with a replacement bike and we continued.
A couple of hours later after a quick stop for refreshments another one of the group, a girl, had to avoid a dog that ran at her while she was doing about 40mph. She hit a bank of dusty earth and shot into the air through a barbed wire fence taking out about 50 feet of it before coming down on her side with the bike on top of her. She was quite badly hurt and we initially thought that she had broken her leg and hip. She also had deep cuts from the barbed wire all over her face and body, was covered in bruises and broke a tooth. It turned out that guide did not have a 2 way radio, mobile phone or even a first aid kit. We were a good half hour from the nearest civilisation so the guide set off for help yet again leaving the girl in agony on the ground and the rest of us trying to help her the best we could. It was about 90 minutes before he came back with a taxi for her. By now most of us had had enough. My wife went back to the ATV centre with the girl while the rest of us very slowly rode our quads back. The staff had not even asked the girl how she was or made any effort to attend to her injuries. To add insult to injury they then tried to charge the American group for the damage to the bikes! When we checked the bikes that we had all been riding, most of them had serious defects which could have caused even more serious accidents. When we threatened to involve the Police, the company cut the bill for repairs by 50%. We just wanted to get the hell away from there so the group paid up.
If ever you go abroad and get the chance to take one of these tours, please be very careful, check what you are signing and also check the roadworthiness of the vehicles you will be using!
Today I went on my 10 hours fishing trip. I had a great time and have posted a full report here, but I eventually broke my run of bad luck while fishing with 2 x 75lb Yellowfin Tuna as well as 6 others to about 50lb!

Tomorrow is the Tequila tour and then a couple of days to recover from the expected hangover before I fly back to civilisation. There have been some really good parts of this holiday but also a few that have convinced me never to come back to this part of the world again!
Catch you all next week if I do not get back on WSF before then.
Tight lines all
Sounds like the bike company should be named after the the tackle shop MASTURBATERS!!!
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