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Shoreham arm

22 July 2011

About tea time

Something horrible has happened to me - I've just found out my wife has been lying to me. She said when I get home from fishing again tonight she will have left me! But when I got through the front door after my trip, she was still there! (Only joking – well she has eyes everywhere.)

Anyway, on to more pressing matters: Got to arm around 8pm, not too busy, the usual staff of the Golden Lotus were on the end of the arm spinning.

Reeled in bream on first cast, then it was pretty much non stop action all night. Thankfully no weed at all. Left at midnight happy I had found my mojo which I had been missing for a few months - It was half way down on the right hand side. I’d forgotten I’d left it there.

All in all 8 bream, 2 mackerel, 1 scad, 1 flounder, 2 Gurnurds.
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