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I'm sure most of you are aware of what has been happening in regards to the two lads that are in court over fishing at Liverpool docks.
The letter below is from Ian McKay, who is giving out as much information as possible

Hi everyone
To update you all, at todays' the pre-trial review, the trial dates, yes dates, have been set for Wed/Thurs 1st and 2nd June. The defense lawyers pointed out that, in view of the fact that, "fundamental point of law" are going to be argued, that the trial is likely to last for two days !

I'm sure you are all aware that there are several issues of importance attached to this case, eg; freedom to exercise our rights "in law" of promenade and recreation, along the Mersey river embankments, democracy, and not allowing big business to walk all over us ! Those of you who do not hail from the Merseyside area should be aware that, if we let MDHC simply prevent us from exercising, what is after all, our right in law: then, which of you will be next?

Please remember that there is a takeover bid of £781m (Million) on the table, for acquisition of MDHC, from Peel Holdings who own several other Port Authority operations around the country. And, as they all tend to "pee in the same pot", you can bet your lives that, if we don't oppose, win the case, and have this ban lifted. Then other Port Authorities are going quote this case as "precedence" and take this as a signal that they too can simply stop Anglers, Ramblers, Birdwatchers and the public, in general, from accessing their own rights of way.

Having spoken with both Steve Davies and Dave Irvine this morning, I can tell you all that they both feel, as do we all, that these are fundamental rights that are worth fighting for; and, if the case goes against them, they are going to refuse to pay any fine; and, are quite prepared to be sent to prison. These men deserve all the help we can give them !

Nadia Nath-Varma, footpaths officer for the ramblers association, (RA) has stated that the RA will show up in Liverpool for this trial. I urge all of you to let as many people as possible know about the trial date, and the issues at stake here; so that we can give maximum support to the men on trial here. I would also appeal to the Angling press, who are copied in on this e-mail, to publicise the trial date, and pass on my request that we show up in force for the trial.

Best regards

Ian McKay

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