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I thought I would bring everyone up to speed, Firstly many thanks for all the kind words that have come in to me not only from this forum but many others, I am just one of the lads at the end of the day who enjoys his sport who happened to know a few of the right people, this was due to the fact that I have always had a keen interest in politics and plan to run for council in 3 years, my father was a councillor in Blackpool for over 13 years and he to was a very keen sea angler who held the record for many years with a 47 cod caught on a night line off Bispham in Blackpool, In Aug 2009 we held the first public meeting in relation to the lower Walk campaign at the Vue in Cleveleys were we raised some good money for the RNLI, my farther attended that meeting and his words to me was Mark you can win this don’t give up, in Nov of 2009 My farther passed away and I didn’t give up and neither did all the others who attended meetings, posted & More. So I personally would like to dedicate this Victory to my farther, sorry to get a little sloppy but I wanted to make that public. Over the last 2 years it’s been a long slog but we have got there with a result that now gives us a chance to show the doubters that Anglers taking their cars onto the lower walk never caused a problem and never will. But instead make the lower walk a safer place for all, that in turn gives people weather their Able, Disabled or elderly the chance to fish the lower walk Blackpool.

Monday 18th July I received a copy of the proposed scheme that Cllr Fred Jackson had passed, After reading it my next move was to call Cllr Fred Jackson (Deputy Leader of the Council) to discuss it, I did mention to him that I was a little upset that he had not contacted me prior to him passing the scheme as he has always promoted dialog with the anglers, I said to Cllr Jackson I would like to request a meeting ASAP, this meeting took place at the transportation department Tues 26th July.

The Scheme

I will pinpoint the main parts of the proposed scheme and then in Red what changes I asked to be made to it due to the fact that no consultation had taken place with anglers prior to the scheme being passed.

1. The Council proposed that the designated area would be from Gynn to the boating pool.

My Response at the meeting was, does anybody know were the key fishing marks are on the lower walk, which came the reply NO, well with respect how can anybody make a desision on what they Know nothing about. so I would like to request that this is changed to North of the Boating pool to Red Bank Road as this takes in many of the popular sea fishing marks along that stretch, and there is more than enough space for emergency services.

2. the Scheme states that you will only be allowed take your car onto the lower walk with a permit 2.5 hours prior to and after High water.

My response was if I can request that this is increased to 3 hours proir to the high water mark and after it would be more in line with what anglers are used to on that stretch.

3. The Cost of the Permits will be £30 per year and £10 per year for blue badger holders.

My Response was if I could request that the £30 per is reduced to £20 per year in line with the state of the economy and the tightening of purse strings on individuals.

4. The scheme is set to start on the 1st of September 2011 and for a trial period of 12 months.

5. In the proposed scheme 200 permits will be allocated although at the meeting Peter Cross Head of transportation did say that that figure was flexible and not set in stone.

6. Park Right Services will step up its patrols on the lower walk more so at night once permit scheme is introduced.

7. Cars are to be parked cliff side and not sea wall side.

8. Anglers applying for permits must show that they have 3rd party insurance.

So I am now waiting for confirmation of the changes to the original scheme, the meeting went very well and the council were very accommodating, as soon as I know the councils response I will post.

I am also going to be asking for the permits to be made available from 22nd August giving a week lead in time before the scheme starts.

I know a number of anglers have already called the town hall asking about permits, let me save you a call as they don’t exactly know when they will be available,

The permits will be available from the town Hall and only the town hall on a first come first serve basis.

There will be teething problems remember this is a trial period and the council do want to work with us on this and have said that they will extend the designated area if all goes well as I know it will.

We all want to make this right it’s been a long slog getting it to this stage and its up to us to show the Maxine Callows that’s the Councillor that was dead set against us talikng are cars onto the lower walk, that just like before it will work safely.

I will post again soon with more info, in the mean time if anybody fancies a chat or needs more info please feel free to call me on 07528468797.

Mark Silcock,
Head of the Lower Walk Campaign.

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Very Well Done, for keeping at it and putting in the time to support what the anglers who fish there require. Your father will be smilling with pride on your commitment.......:thumbs:



Couldn't be much clearer than that. Thanks Mark.

Mark has requested that I make this a sticky. I will do so; and will do one more thing. I want this to remain as Mark's information thread; so I will close it. Mark will be able to post any further information via me. This will ensure that the usual suspects don't spoil the thread with their usual argumentative comments.

Of course; it being a well known local mark, people are free to comment in their own thread. But I will be keeping a close eye on the content.
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