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As the forecast was for dry weather and lightish winds it only felt right to get out for the day, but the only problem was it was Easterlies. As we all no that east means least, so the plan was to head for Anglesey and fish around the west side. On arriving at 6.30 at Trearddur Bay and parking up I chose my starting point a Lilly pounds which unfortunately is a reasonable romp from where I was parked. After a good trudge and arriving to a pretty flat sea with very good clarity only having a blueish tinge to it.
Right I got down onto my perch and started casting away with a 2g head and variety of lures to see if anything was home. The first 30 mins not a touch then eventually from the depths a tiny touch but not amounting to anything. Casting back out I slowed the retrieve to a flick up and stop and let it settle, soon this would start producing again these tiny touches and on lifting slowly the tip pulled over with a snagging sensation with no movement but this resulted in the first fish.:)

They certainly weren't having it. Over the next hour another 5 came a few Launce were seen passing through but if you did anything a tad too fast or lifted to soon the result was nothing, how finicky can you get and dam hard work concentrating to keep it at that tiny movement and speed and not over doing it. About an hour into the flood now and colour was starting to get drawn in close and soon as it hit the area where the finicky buggers were it killed it so I upped sticks and gingerly made my way bad towards the car.
I tried every nook and cranny and more on the way back I knew and finding new ones and getting a touch seemed totally impossible.
Everywhere seemed lifeless, even the sandy bays which I always snook a flattie out of in the past were void of fish. Back near the car after 2 hrs of fruitless action going up and down more times than Zebedee on speed. Back to the corner of the road and Porth Diana looked worth a chuck in the sun light over the sand. Again this ended up being a fruitless exercise.
This was getting a bit frustrating so I jumped in the motor and headed the other side of the bay to all those spots I know and fish every now and then. Cast after cast, fast, slow, quick, deep, scrape the bottom, dead weight, you name it I tried it and just about every lure colour and shape I had and nothing, not even micros. This was desperate so sitting down and having a cuppa and a chomp it was left over the side in deep water with some gulp on in the hope something eventually got tempted. Nope:mad: sweet FA. Sod this I moved again.
I upped sticks and went to Porth Darfach up the road. Here I've never fished before and chose to go the right side of bay. First ledge I found half way along the side again produced nothing so I carried on. There seemed to be very few or no spots to get down except one crag which was not the most appealing approach. After getting down to the narrrrrrow knobbly downward ledge with a 40 ft drop straight behind down into the very narrow crag I started to edge my way down, but it was no good as greasy rocks started to show and no way was I going to end up down at the bottom mangled so a sharp retreat was the order. Disappointing in the lack of access so I assumed all the ledges available are over on the left. Now as the tide had just hit high I ignored going to the left side and headed back to Lillyponds and see if the ebb would produce.
Yet another good romp and some other anglers were fishing a rock up from me. They had been there since just after I left this morning and you guested it they hadn't had a touch between them:(. I cast away for an hour doing the everything but nothing. I didn't need this so back towards the car and one of the marks from earlier which in the past has always produced on the ebb no matter what.
This was close to Ravens point and the water had cleared a bit now so you've got to give it ago. It started off very poor with no signs but eventually yes it did happen the absolute faintest of touches, I mean faintest as if you weren't looking for them you would of never of known it was a bite, a gentle lift to a dead weight and something kicked on the end:):):) a blummin fish:D

Boy was this hard work but slowly I managed to pluck 4 in the last hour out until the last fish was landed:) before going home. Nice to see the Pollock and all of a similar size of around 3/4lb.
All I can say it was a mentally exhausting day trying to work out and find those few fish to catch. Yes easterlies are generally pretty crap but stone the crows it shouldn't be this hard surely especially with the amount of ground I've covered but the sun shone, I had a few fish, a sit and a cup of hot brown with the water lapping at my side hey it isn't that bad is it;).


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Brilliant catch report.
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Great report. Now that's what you call perseverance! Well done.

Im giving it a rest until it warms up a bit and the water clears following a couple of frustrating blanks.

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I saw the title of this thread and got excited, because I thought you were asking for a dictionary definition. I'm such a pedant :rolleyes: :D
Good word finicky, but I cant remember hearing it in a non-angling context.

finicky adj. 1. excessively particular; fussy. 2. overelaborate.

Congrats on getting out there and managing to squeeze a few out. :) Lovely looking spot too going by the vid!
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