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Hi all,

This isn't meant to be conclusive but I'm interested in others opinions...

I've dabbled a bit in dawn fishing (plugging) which I find to be by far the most productive albeit with schoolies, but a better class of schoolie, I know there will be others that have had "beasts" at dawn but my findings seem to suggest (generally) that,

Dawn = Schoolies between the 25cm and 50cm bracket

Dusk (dark) = Micro schoolies at dusk and the beasts (50cm plus) follow after...

Mid-day = One or two random fishes

Has anyone else got any thoughts on this?

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My biggest fish have come at dusk, night time or low light sessions, tend to get more schoolies in the morning, or brighter sun light session, however, I must confess to not really making that many morning trips.

good post


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seems better at dawn for plugging. But the big Bass are caught mostly at night to big baits, squid and Mackie will do nicely.
I agree with this statement but there is always the exception as Craigs 12lb from last year came out in daylight so you always have a chance just different odds if you were a betting man.

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Around here dawn is by far the most reliable time to catch bass with lures -especially when the water is clear as they are often right in the edge and feeding. Another positive is that the low light means that your lure has more chance of appearing real in my opionion that during bright sunlight therefore it is more likely to fool the bass.

Size wise........ unfortunatly bait returns more fish over 4lb what ever the time in my experience. All my biggest fish have come to bait and mostly at night...although when I work out the rod hours for lures V bait I am probably spending 80%+ of my bassing time with lures.

Still hoping for a double on a lure and I would bet that when it happens it will be at dawn.

BTW lots of fish around this morning and not all tiny so set the alarm for 4am :)
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