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Well, Being fed up with limping around the house and getting on the misses nerves my mate terry dragged me out for a session with my bro who is down from wales for a month.
They wanted to go sennen but I said that was way too flat as they wanted bass. So at 7pm we went to a mark where I have never failed to get a fish(lizard way). Not long after we arrived and set up Terry hooked into a very well deserved little plaice which went back for another day. Soon after I had a schoolie then one of about 2lb. As the tide started to drop and the little feckers from up the holiday camp started their fires (dont know what they were burning but it stank) Terry landed 2 in quick sucssession both keepers. Not long after the rain started and the campers put the fires out and left.
In total 2 of us had 11 fish between us and one of us blanked ( oh he was teasy all the way home).
A good nights fishing, I will pay for it tommorrow and will be laid up for a few days til the next session.

Cheers all

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