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arrived around 5.30,high just after 10pm.......... had a look over the top and was astonished to see 8 people already fishing ! (guess they read my reports,lol)

Anyway,found some space,then my mate col joined me along with his daughter.......... 2nd cast for me a whiting,blank beaten :) col then pulled in the best of the session,a whiting at 42cm,quite chunky too..... they went about 8.30,col had 4 whiting,his daughter had 3 whiting and a dab :)
I wrapped up with a whiting bang on high,my total.... 10 whiting and a nice dab,kept a couple of tings for tomorrows dinner,the rest returned :)
A lovely,warm evening (carried my winter clothes down the beach,not required!)......
Will be out for the morning tide,not fishing as well in daylight,but life is for fishing!

regards Darren

ps.... not too much weed as the tides are dropping ;)
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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