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An hows Dane:cool2:

Lot of effort for two fish Dane, but like all fishing, it was well worth it,
i just love to fish an am old enough to take it in my stride nowadays:notworthy:

Aye Checkers is a proper Chippy, i know a couple that would rival it in Belfast like, but checkers also has it on price, not cheap but by no means over the top for the fried food you recieve.

Although have a word about the burgers Dane, lasttime down i remember proper paddys, not what i got the other day:whistling:
but all in all a proper chippy, worst chippy in the world ? Armoy hahah nothing wrong with the presentation or hygiene, no no no but after ye eat an Armoy chippy ye feel like fek all squared:sick::sick::sick:

The future awaits ye Dane:wink:

Im good Mark, hows yourself? Well alot of effort for 2 fish is better than alot of effort for no fish, but as you say, any time spemt fishing is worth it.

Note to self, steer clear of Armoy haha

Re the smoothies at the strand, my mates Dad has been fishing the area for the last 40 odd years, I remember last year he told me about a smoothie run on the strand that happened a few years back. According to him it was due to a huge crab molt in lough foyle, not sure if thats just a theory or whatever. He said you get the odd few every year but it takes something extra ordinary for an amount of the scale of the run that just passed.

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Thanks Dave:BigGrin:

Aye 5ft11 ? an i am sure near 14stone skinny:eeks:
but i wear the weight well for an old fella:cry:

Dave ? you where there before me, ye ever remember smoothies off the Strands ? not just the odd one but the numbers we seen this year:cool2:

Anyroad hows thon heavy right foot of yours, still getting some off road action:thumbsup:

nah man never, its epic they turned up like this, i'd love to see a repeat annually. I have no doubt the comp guys would of been first to know and slowly the info leaks out over time.
This could be down to a rest in the commercial fishing, possibly, maybe, who knows...

The right foot is supposed to get a workout this weekend as it happens....

keep er lit.


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Rocker mate,
it never crossed my mind to meet up:( or i would of said to ye.
Next time i am up that way i will give you a shout.:cool2:

Aye our Darren was saying about the big toothy critters being caught along the shore, or at least one being caught from the shore:smile2:
Take it the boats are getting them in numbers ?

Few getting caught I a very unusually shallow mark have buckets coalies chum sitting here in sun past week to drop in next few nights hopefully get one
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