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I've got a problem finding a hand line that does not go into a birds nest in the bottom of my boat when we are hand lining.
I think I need a line similar to the one as a kid that sprung straight off the fixed spool reel as soon as I let go of the end of it! I don't want it too thin so as not to cut my fingers off & I have the responsibility of whoever is fishing with me and doing a bit of hand lining with me.

The line that sprung off the reel was not a very big breaking strain either but where is that sold these days?
The newer lines always seem to aim at limpness don't they?
The dacron line was useless due to it not being waterproof and the 1mm thick mono was a swine because of the permanent coils it readily tangled at the drop of a hat.......

I knew that most boat anglers who catch fish to eat must surely know that the hand line is the quickest method of getting fish in the boat so as to present the lures to the fish waiting below the boat so long as the hand line does not tangle!
An old sea angler who mostly catches crab and lobster does not even put a rod in the boat when he is fishing at sea for bait......
The rod seems so unwieldy and time consuming as opposed to the quicker hand line re mass production!
Advice please on what hand line do you use that does not tangle?
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