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Hi All Its Been Confirmed The Mackie Have Now Started Running On Both Arms Of The Marina Brighton. The Bass Have Also Moved In, But No Reports Of Any Daddys Yet. The Mackie Are Jumbo Size And This Makes Me Say That These Have Been Around All Over The Winter Period, To Be This Fat. As For The Bass A Huge 15 Pounder Was Caught This Time Last Year So I Would Not Be Surprised To See A Few Of This Size Come Up In The Next Few Weeks. The Sea Is Dirty At A Range Of 100 Yards Out From The Shore So Im Sure If The Wind Keeps Up For The Next Few Days, This Will Bring In The Daddys. Top Baits Cuttle, Squid, Peeler, And Lures In The Clear/dirty Water As Im Sure They Will Be Working This Line

Good Luck To All You Hunters And Il Be There Monday :d :d :d
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