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<font color='#810541'>Yep, read that myself today and laughed in disbelief. &nbsp;The full story itself is actually quite balanced, with recreational sea anglers representetive at least being quoted in saying that the claims were complete nonsense. However, this didn&#39;t stop the sensationalist way in which it was reported though, which was dissappointing - anyone reading just the headline would naturally assume an anti-angling standpoint.

The media take on fish stock issues is still focussed on the impact on commercial fleets. &nbsp;Lots of work still to be done to raise the profile of RSA to a point where its true value as a contributer to the economy is recognised by politicians. &nbsp;My thanks once again to the few deidcated individuals.

I think this certainly demonstrates how well organised the &#39;opposition&#39; are compared to recreational sea anglers...

The underlying theme of the article though does make you appreicate how important it is for us to return our catch unharmed wherever possible. &nbsp;This action may be a small drop in the ocean (dreadfull pun I know) compared to discarded commericial by-catch, but every little helps. &nbsp;My most memorable fishing experiences are those where I have watched specimen fish swim away after having had the pleasure of catching them.</font>
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