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When i was fortunate enough to be included in Keven Nallies group that fished out of Cape Coral FL last May we had a 4 bedroom house with in ground pool and 20ft boat with a 200 suzuki on the back.cost was split 5 ways I believe which worked out to 400 British pounds per person per week for the two weeks. Fish could be caught off the back yard in the canal. We caught spanish mackeral,sting rays, spotted seatrout within a 3 km trip from the house an 11km trip put us in contact with tarpon bull sharks and the possibility of golioath grouper. We booked offshore trips with Salty Charters that were 1200.00$US split again so it worked out to less than 300$US a day to go 40 miles offshore! where we caught AJ'S untill our arms hurt then we witnessed what its like to reel in 375lbs of grouper when Kevin hooked and landed the fish of the trip!
our grocery bill for two weeks was less than 2 hundred dollars per person if i remember correctly. meals were cooked by some very talented chefs Kevin shining with a full course meal of English roast beef with a Yorkshire pudding, and Andre's award winning sauces and Ceviche / fresh caught fish still makes my mouth water.

So added up
1046.00$house for 2 wk
600.00$ for charters
200.00$ groceries
60.00$ boat fuel
100.00$ restaurant tab
1946.00 Total
136.00 per day total

I didn't include personal car rental at 400.00us per 2wk
or my airfare at 300.00 per round trip

being a blue collar worker I thought this was as afforable as I'm not likey to every see a trip for this price, with memories that will last a lifetime

link will take you to the house we rented

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Very affordable trip and villa for 5 people.
Opportunities were endless, but with such a vast area of water to fish.
Fishing would in my opinion improve year on year should you book this place.

Was a great trip, with good catches and good opportunity.
Good group too.
Although Andre was the man we looked too, for fishing help when we really needed it.
Great food and lovely Villa.
I'd highly recommend.

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