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just got back from 3 cliffs on a spur of the moment session, i got some razor and squid out of the freezer and fished the right hand side of the river at middle tide, i got there a little later than i would have liked, on a day like today i prefer bottom tide ,i missed two bites in the surf, schoolies, and then i had to move into the river ,there was a boy from abergavenny fly fishing, running about like a fool, as he saw the mullet/bass moving upstream and he didnt know where to fish next as he missed 3 nice bites and he couldn't believe it! when i got onto the pebble side of the river with my gear, i broke out the spinning rod for the first time this year, attached a yo-zuri joey mackerel plug and as it hit the water i had a take could'nt believe it i didn't have enough time to start retrieving, a bass of about a pound and a half.i then went back to the rod, there was a half hour sit down and then a nibble on the line i thought it was weed, but when i brought it in there was a flounder of just over a pound,both fish were returned after being cleaned of lice,i'm sure the bass/mullet will start to go upstream in the next high tide system when the weather breaks, the tide has to be over 12.5 for the valley to flood and the weather is usually warm and calm before the shoaling starts! just a few personal observations, fly fishing works there also flying with a small meps if your interested .
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