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Good forecast for the day, light SW to S but not a glimpse of the sun all day, and at one point enough drizzle to put the coat on. Waited for Jim at the East entrance to Portland and feathered up a dozen joeys plus a scad. Decision made to head to the Shambles first as the wind such as it was would hold the boats back a bit.

The drifts started slowly 0.5kt but picked up to just over 1kt at the west end of the banks. Half a fillet for bait and sizeable turbot comes up from the first bank of the drift. 4 more turbot took the bait before the tide slacken and the drift went the wrong way. Both of us tried for some bream on the rough ground but only pout plus a conger on Jim's.

On the new tide, had some launce to fillet for bait and a jumbo mackerel on the turbot bait. 3 more turbot, 1 sizeable, on the launce fillets and 3 tubs took the mackerel bait.

A charter was anchored between 2 of the banks and packed up at 3:30 so decided to have a drift through that area. Best turbot of the day come up from the bank down tide of the charter, over 4lb. When cleaned I found a whole fillet of mackerel, 2 half fillets, a belly slice from a mackerel and a launce fillet inside, all very fresh and none had a hook hole. Reckon the turbot had cleaned up the bait they had chucked in at the end of the trip. Thanks for the ground bait:)
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