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hi all,

A few months ago i ddid a thread saying how i was going to thurso.

first i fished the rocks on the right hand side of the bay got nothing, i found it to weedy for my liking.

Then i fished down at castletown harbour which i also found to snaggy and weedy

then i tryed on the beach at dunnet bay once again no look.

Our finaal beach session was on the rocks near the light house at scrabster this was also weedy but managed to pull out 14 mackys in about half an hour to spinners and feathers all the mackys were all very big so i was thrilled .

While up there i also tryed a bit of boat fishing on the KARAN i think it was called they advertise in sea angler this was thurougly enjoyable as we had a load of macky, some cod 1 was about 5 lb and a huge calie of around 3-4 lb thanks again to all the crew and the guy from glasgow whos mame i forget.

i enjoyed my stay and i will be back


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