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Tips for Garlieston

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Can anyone help? Going to Garlieston for 2 weeks. Any advice on shore fishing in the local area? Anything from the harbour or is it better to go on the rocks, and where would you suggest?:ph34r:
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Never fished it before but had a trip there with the wife a few weeks ago. The stone breakwater looked fishy and is a mark I would have tried first. Two guys were fishing the end when we walked past but do not know how they done. The boulders on the breakwater looked like real "ankle breakers" !!!!
Here you go,a picture is worth a thousand words as they say - the breakwater,two shots I took of it

We have also walked around Cruggleston Castle which lies between Garlieston and Whithorn. It really did scream pollack and wrasse to me and have been meaning to try it but have never got around to it YET :sun: All of the marks looked like difficult access mind !!!! so care required.

Here are two pictures of it

Hope this helps

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1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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