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Tips for Garlieston

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Can anyone help? Going to Garlieston for 2 weeks. Any advice on shore fishing in the local area? Anything from the harbour or is it better to go on the rocks, and where would you suggest?:ph34r:
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Folk do fish from the harbour so worth trying but the rocks are better. Egerness point is a good spot if you don't mind a bit of a walk, can be sore on tackle though. Rigg Bay is good but is a big sandy bay rather than rock mark. Heading towards Isle of Whithorn, Dinnans point is ok but would suggest speaking to the farmer to see if he is happy for you to cross his land and also, if so, where would he like you to park.
Thanks for the info. Any recomendations on bait and suppliers?
There is a shop in Newton Stewart that sells tackle and bait. You can get Ammo bait from the ironmongers shop in Whithorn. Snatcher is right - the breakwater is worth a go, with care getting there as indeed it could break an ankle.
The headland you can see on the on the left of Snatcher's second breakwater photo is Eggerness point. Cruggleton has a few good marks but very tricky access to all.
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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