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Ther have been a few "what fish is this?" type posts recently. If posting one of these, try and remember to;

1. Make sure the fish is in focus - a blurred pic is of little use. By all means blur the background!
2. Photograph it against a contrasting background - a brown fish against a gravel background is fairly hard to distinguish. How about using the top of your box or bag, or even a jacket or towel?
3. Have something to show the scale of the fish - a measuring stick is best, but B&Q sell roll up tape measures for 99p? Even something like a grip lead,reel, pencil, spool of line etc would do.
4. Photograph the mouth - probably the most important part in distinguishing many types - especially huss/doggie variants and rockling/blenny types.
5. Photograph the fins - The dorsal fins are usually dead giveaways too. Get a close up of any distinguishing marks or spots.

Yebdebedebedebedebbbba - that's all folks. Happy hunting and photographing!:) :) :)
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