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Hi all

Would like a little help on where the best place to fish either in Blackpool or Fleetwood, thinking of doing a little fishing over the Easter break. What do you guys suggest, day fishing or night fishing. :unsure:

Would be grateful if you could let me know where the marks are and what the best baits and which rigs work the best. Will need to know where the local fishing tackle shop is so that I can buy the rigs and bait (helpppp!!!!!):giveup:

Cheers all
hello masterb

don't no about the best place at the moment ............because its very hit and miss along the coast at the moment ,

HW on Friday is 13:59 and is 8.3 m

HW on sat is 14:31 and is 8.1 m

HW on sun 15:08 and is 7.7 m

HW on Mon 15:54 and is 7.2 m

you have a choice of the gynn wall at Blackpool

on the map if you go on at princess way by the boat club and head back towards Blackpool along the wall and pick a spot

if you go the opposite way towards cleverley's down princess way you have the bullnose at cleverley's at the bottom of anchorsholme lane there's a nice gully formed here for people who cant cast to far looks very promising if you carry on down this rd as far as you can go you have the 5 bar and the slabs ,

these places are all worth a go and can throw up some surprises even in the daylight

you can always try the beaches near the pier in fleetwood but its gonna be full of families with it being bank holiday

the local tackle shop for the area is west coast tackle on anchorsholme rd cleverley's best of ringing in advance to preorder fresh worm but they have plenty of frozen stuff in as well
you can call them on 01253 851001

hope this helps a little matey

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