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Tony`s Tackle web site

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I went on to look for a tripod. What a p*ss poor site! Got bored looking so i shall go to Anglers Cabin. Anyone else share my view about the site? Im sure its a great shop, but Tony, if you read this, your site is rubbish.
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Agree, got fed up looking for tripods, try veals, far superior site
veals is the best ive used,the only problem is i normally have a big spend just before i get back from sudan ( easy ) but veals phone my missus to check about the card as the email comes from a sudanese internet provder, its good to check with card fraud and the like but its gets me into a lot of bother like how %^&*ing much, she calms down after a week or so , just enough time to drown a few worms... glen
just ordered some gear off veals site half hour ago!first time too and i was well impressed....dave.:thumbs: :thumbs:
I have a website for fishing gear .
We are only new at web sales but I have found Veals website a gret help when setting mine up.
P.S. I ordered a Speleo Head Lamp from Tonys Tackle in 2006 (for one of my customers so as not to disappoint) by phone because Speleo where out of stock and they added on 拢12 without even asking me because there had been a price increase?? WTF!
I just tried to access tony's tackle and all I got was this

Microsoft OLE DB Provider for ODBC Drivers error '8007000e'

[Microsoft][ODBC Microsoft Access Driver] System resource exceeded.

/news.asp, line 78
Means the website is run on MS rather than Linux servers and there is a bug in ASP which causes this error when accessing the Database.
"If you open only one connection and run more than one query or recordsets at the same time, what is happening? ASP does not allow you to run more than one query through the same connection at the same time, (though it seems that it is working) so how come? Since ASP does not allow that, it creates its own connections to run the further queries you are executing, and after you are done with them, ASP is not destroying the connections it creates. If you are not destroying your connection objects as well, so you are helping the problem to come up. The unclosed objects will create a resource leak in memory, and as the times goes, more objects are not closed, and more memory resources are consumed until it reaches to the maximum."

.........just in case you are interested....... :unsure: :nerd: :nerd: :nerd:
ie, the website is buggered!
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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