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Went fishing Monday as weather was good and thoiught there might be a few Macky about.
Got down to mark about 8.30am.No one else around so got pick of the spots.
Knocked out the ledger rod with a bit of squid and peeler then set up the float outfit at about 25 foot with ammo eel as bait.
Nothing for about half an hour then bang!float whipped under and a 1lb macky was soon up the side.
Sport then picked up with doggies coming on the ledger and a few more macky on the float.
As the tide was ebbing got another bite on float and thought it felt like a better fish.As it came into view it looked like a Bass,then i thought,No,its a big Macky.
Turned out to be the biggest Scad I've ever seen!!I recon it was between 1 1/2 and 2lb.
Packed up about 12.30 and finished the session with 7 macky upto 1lb,the scad,a decent Gar and a couple of doggies on the Ledger.
Beats the blanks i've had in the winter!!!
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