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last monday i took my 5 year old daughter along to the lifeboat at torness her first sea fishing adventure :fishing: we had one rod fished on the bottom bait was lugworm and prawns and one float rod out the float was her rod something to keep an eye on lol bait was rag she managed to land 3 small coalies while daddy blanked :thumbdown

back to the caravan for dinner then the father in law suggested goin out on the boat for an hour from thorntonloch which my daughter duly obliged :happy::happy:

life jackets on and out we went first to check the lobster pot and see if my wee one was ok on the boat (her first trip on the boat) one lobster and one crab in the pot happy days

then it was can we go further out daddy and a wee bit faster lol so we did into mackerel straight away then cod and pollock :fishing:

she was over the moon all returned except 1 cod and 2 mackerel for the smoker

the next day all she spoke about was the boat and we managed another sneaky wee hour this time all we hit was mackies we could not get away from them but my daughters face said it all :clap::clap::clap:

sorry no pics
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