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Towing question

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Hi all , I have a bonwitco 400 that I keep in a boat pound on the beach, we have a fairly steep shingle beach covered with rubber mats and a powerful electric captain winch to pull the boats back up and into the compound , however at low tide we can sometimes have a 200 yard push down/up a gently sloping firm sandy beach , as I get older it can be a bit hard on the back (and lungs!), now I was thinking about getting a small four wheel drive quad or suchlike to tow the boat down the shingle and sand and then back up when coming ashore (obviously the main winch would still do the graft up the shingle , does anyone know if such a thing exists ?, it doesn't have to be a quad but it does have to fit in a peugeot expert van with an outboard , fuel tank and gear, the space is around 2 metres long by 1200 mm wide, thanks in advance
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Not sure you could get one in a partner but you could always store it next to your boat.
pretty good fun on the beach too. There's a smaller maxcat on ebay at the moment that might fit the bill?
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