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Travel rod and reel combo choice

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Looking for a travel rod and reel combo, budget is about £100 for both. Size around 8ft, and they need to do just about everything from light pier work to heavy duty spinning. Must fit in a suit case, not bothered if it's a telescopic or 4,5 or 6 piece.
Any suggestions are more than welcome.
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Not sure of the closed lenth but Shakespeare agility exp bass worth looking at :clap2:
Shakespeare do that in a 4 to 8oz beach version too - breaks down to 75cm in 5 pieces and comes in a hard tube - 11½' though. The Agilitys are good rods too - I have one of the non-travel ones.
PS. Any reel could be a travel reel - but if you are going to do some spinning you'd be better with either a level-wind multiplier or a fixed spool - also spare spool(s) with different lines - possibly even consider more than one reel for the trip - there are plenty of cheap reels out there which may not be a lifetime investment but would be great for holidays.
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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