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Anyone know of a good but cheepish travel rod that i can just stick in the car when me and the family go away!

I dont have much room with having 3 kids and the missus and then all of our cases!

any help much appriciated.

Thanks Stu
I think we're talking here of a multi-section standard beach rod, rather than a two-piece bass rod. The Penn Surfblaster Seatrek is an excellent rod, as is their Jetstream. I own both of these. Shimano and others also make multi-section rods, as has been pointed out, but I wouldn't exactly call the Penns or any of the others cheap. Imax have just released a range of three and four-piece rods, but their RRP is around the £200 mark. The Penn Powerstick three-piece is reasonably priced, though.

Also have a look at this firm who at present sell only on ebay:

Their own website is:

If you run a search on this forum for "firefly" you'll find some good comments about them. I've just ordered their bass rod and am awaiting its arrival. I'll post a review when it arrives and I've had a chance to use it.

Other firms produce low-end multi-section rods for under £30 but I have no idea what the quality will be like.


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