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Travel Rods

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You are flying to the Med for a holiday :sun: with the family -

1) Would you consider sneaking a rod along?
2) What type of fishing would you go for?
3) Which travel rod would be best for (2)?
4) How do the airlines expect you to get a rod on board a plane?

Help appreciated :)

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Except for the Gib Straits, the Med is rather less than average for day to day angling (a few Tuna and Shark in localised places).

If you really wnat to do something, take a caorse rod along and a few size 6 hooks and go Mullet fishing.
If I wanted to beach fish I would take a fox trek beach and a modified liddl/ebay tripod. The fox trek beach is an amazing rod. Both go into a suitcase to I wouldn't care about what the carriers thought. I had that problem with flybe last year.
If I wanted to spin I would trust fox again and see if there is a fox trek spin otherwise my fox trek carp rod which isn't quite so easy to get in a suitcase. That is an excellent rod too. At about £200 it's much better than the shimano equivalent which costs even more.

be careful..

my mate, dave [monkeyhinger] just came back from benidorn. he always has a small multi sectioned spinning rod in his case.

there are no fishing signs all over except the beaches [which are packed] he did pretend he didnt see the signs and fished anyway but was straight away stopped by a official and warned that next time he would receive a fine of 100 euro,s. people were fishing off the rock but it was in a permit only area.
One other rod is worth a mention and that's a fladen travel beach. A bit to big for anything other than a very large suitcase but I reckon it would cope with any style of fishing from 1oz up. It casts 5ozs very high with reasonable distances but no where near as good as the fox. The tube is heavy and the rod is lighter than the fox. My best catch on it was a huge clump of seaweed with stalks and back bin bag. I'd say 7 or 8 lbs in total and it lifted it 20ft.

Thanks. Sounds like I'd be better packing my speedo's and seeing if I can catch crabs:unsure:

1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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