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Travelling with rods

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Hey guys,

Came home from a trip to Costa Rico a few weeks back and with it being my first trip abroad and I now know this is definitely something I want to do more of in the future.

I would like to invest in a set of rods and reels that are similar to the ones I was using at the lodge. I had a P.E 8, P.E 6 and a 250g jigging rod. My reason for doing this is so that when I turn up to the lodge or somewhere similar, I know I have brought quality tackle with me and tackle I will enjoy using.

I am debating between investing in a set of travel rods but have read and heard that multiple joints can affect the action of the rod and there is more weak points such at spigots that can break when playing a big fish.

On the other hand, I am thinking of buying 2 piece stickbait/ popper rods and a single piece jigging rod along with a rod tube. Yes they can be a bit of a pain checking in and dragging around but have seen myself when packed properly they are practically unbreakable and very reliable.

Could I ask from a few seasoned anglers who once had my dilemma, which route did you take and how did it work for you? I have no problem paying a small bit extra for checking in a rod tube that I have packed and protected the rods in as I know they will arrive in good shape.

The biggest fear I have with travel rods in my suitcase, is the abuse they get from baggage staff. I have often seen bags battered and bruised to the point that anything fragile inside must be destroyed. I currently I have a claim in with my airline as I got my bag back with its wheels sheared off and it flat as a pancake even though it was a hardback.

Just want to say thank you very much for taking the time to offer your advice and knowledge from your own experiences. Feel free to add anything I might have missed or I haven't considered.

Thanks again.
Tight lines and screaming reels.
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You'll probably get a good response if you post this in the Worldwide/|Rest of the World section. There's lots of relevant expertise in that forum
You'll probably get a good response if you post this in the Worldwide/|Rest of the World section. There's lots of relevant expertise in that forum
Perfect thank you
Firstly I make my own rod tubes with plastic drainage pipe with a fixed cap one end and a screw cap the other when taking lots of rods. Taking lots of rods is more for trips I do here in this country where I may tow a boat some 10,000km often partly rough dirt roads. Some bubble wrap inside the tube stops the rough drive and rough long distance boat trips from rattling together.

Ive got various rods from one piece jigging rods, mostly Jigging Master and various multi section travel rods. The latest Shimano grappler travel rods are superb value and I have handled yellowfin to 150lb so far as well as the more common trevally and other inshore reef fish. My last trip up north was a 4300km drive each way and another 90km offshore just to reach the small remote island I based myself from. Five of us had Shimano grappler travel rods which we fished with reels ranging from Shimano Stellas's, Daiwa dogfights and Shimano Saragosa's. These outfits were fished over shallow reefs with drags set at full tension and not one broke pulling fish from shallow reef.

For a more lightweight fun outfit I also use a Bone Voyage 4 piece light spin bvs664 rod Voyage which on that particular trip landed the biggest fish between the three boats and 15 anglers. Though this was a big fish at 2.4m in length it wasn't the most demanding by any means. The Shimano stradic 5000 with 20lb 131 braid soon had the large shovel nosed ray to the boat. I would have to say if I had to pick just one rod and reel to travel anywhere it would be the Bone as it appeals to a far wider variety of species from large to small and the rod breaks down to fit in hand luggage size. I could happily target small fish from a 200g to 50kg with that outfit as long as I didn't have to lock the drag fully.

On a tighter budget a few friends have recently been trying out the Crucis New Elite series of travel rod, which to be honest seen much the same as the Bone rod I bought a few years ago. I would certainly give one of these a try. Crucis New Elite Series Rods - Viva Fishing Australia
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I travelthe world fishing and find flying with rods now is a pain in the butt due to airline reducing the length they will aloww as checked juggage.
I found the answer in Hearty rise rods their skywaker mulity piece jigging rod is brillent and fits into my rolling duffle bag.
Take a look at their videos. you can buy their rods on line at Hearty Rise Slow Jigging III Baitcasting - Rods (
they make some lovely rods at a reasable price.
good luck.
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