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Went away with the family last weekend to scarbro and took the rods fancying a bit of fishing of the pier and at reighton sands. Arrived to find a nice little northerly swell rolling in and the water rather cloudy lol no mackerel then! Instead fished the pier with lug squid and mackerel, not even a bite! Went in the tackle shop and found that the previous morning wen the sea had been flat some1 had had 80mackeral in a session lol! 2nd day tried reighton got up at 4 fished the tide right up till bout 8 not even a bite sea was possibly 2 rough, tried marine drive in the aft and once again [email protected]~k all!
Fairly typical really we come all the way from skipton and wen we next visit after the cod there’ll probably be an easterly and the water will be crystal clear lol
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