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just noticed a member in the scottish section reporting on his boat trip from arbroath, using tronix rigs

right.... not sure about them all....but the macky ones, silver flashy ones... be carefull if you have them on your beachcaster

fishing with my mate 3 weeks ago at the local breakwater, he said to me.... im not that keen on that knot holding the weight clip

2 casts later and i am ducking for my life, the knot slipped open and the wieght came racing towards me at an almighty speed, dont know how but i managed to get my head down, felt like one of those cartoons when the head goes in side the body lol.. anyway, it missed me by 1 inch MAX :shutup:

happened again with the next rig, but well away from me.. 2 in a row is not good !!!!! bad batch???

laughing about it now tho :laugh::laugh::laugh:

but please check the knots :victory:

cheers karl
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