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well used it before but mainly for pike and carp, stooped using it as i lost to many lightly hook fish even when coming from a 3lb tc rod to a 2 1/4 tc rod, any way used it before boat fishing when the stuff came out but couldnt get on with it to be honest, lost a few fish, plus a few tabgles and then the final straw was a deep seated birds nest so had to scrap the whole lot in the end.

any way dad brough me some back from paddy land so ive loaded it onto my 7000LD and we will see how i get on tomoz of orford, so watch this space.

i know the advatages of the stuff but alot of peeps dont the disadvantages like you have to check the whole length for nics every so often because it will snap as quick as you can look at it if you anit carefull.
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